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SEO For Your Dropshipping Business – Doing it Right

Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in featured, The Drop Shipping Blog | 0 comments

SEO For Your Dropshipping Business – Doing it Right

Search Engine Optimization. These are three little words that strike fear into the minds of many business owners. SEO is the ticket to success – if done correctly. There are hundreds of “experts” when it comes to SEO and many costly options for gaining web traffic. Recent years have shown us that in order to be safe from future Google updates, you need to do SEO right, the first time around.

What do we mean by doing it right?

There are these programs out there that “teach” you to post on Facebook and Twitter anywhere from 20-30 times per day. These programs teach you to write quick comments or use comment posting services to publish comments on thousands of blogs each day to increase backlinks. And there are internet marketers who slaved away for months on end several years ago spamming the internet and have since been able to maintain high website rankings and sales. But these methods are quickly being vetoed by the internet rulers.

Google uses an algorithm to determine the worth of websites. The Google “spider” as it is called, scans the internet and checks each site for keywords, quality content, backlinks and more. The algorithm is constantly changing and is designed to knock out websites which are considered spammy. So what are the factors that list your site as spam?

  1. Being connected to a site that is already deemed spam. For example, Empower Network is an internet marketing training program which claims to help businesses make upwards of $5,000+ within the first 30 days if you do exactly what they tell you to do. The problem is that thousands of online forms and sites have blocked any posts that have to do with or are linked to Empower Network because of their spam-like procedures. This includes Facebook, many solo ads companies and much more.
  2. Poor layout and design. A poorly designed website will get you landed on the Google spam list as well. Your site should represent your business. There are thousands of free templates and free site building programs that are easy to use. There is no reason why your site shouldn’t look top-notch and represent your business accordingly.
  3. 3.      Low-quality content. Every post you make on your site should be 350 words or more for blogging. If you have information pages only, they also need to be 350 words or more. The content on your site should be fresh and new all the time, not repetitive. Be informative and stay on topic, do not be vague and all over the place. These may seem like no-brainers, but there are many site owners who get caught up in increasing their web traffic that they fail at actually growing their business properly.
  4. 4.      Too many backlinks. For years we have been told that backlinks are the key to increasing your website rankings, but now Google is saying there can be something such as “too many backlinks”. What this means is not that you have too many links, per say, but that too many of your links are bad links. They are spammy links connected to sites with no real purpose. Beware of using automated comment programs.

What this means for your business is that you need to focus on building your business right the first time. If you take the time to write quality content, index the appropriate keywords, make comments on blogs that you actually read, ect then you will be safe and secure from future Google algorithm updates.

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