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Using Hashtags Correctly on Twitter

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Using Hashtags Correctly on Twitter

Hashtags are just keywords that are followed by a hash (#) symbol that allows the keywords to be searchable and linkable through the social media tool Twitter. If you wanted to find something on Twitter under a certain subject, you can search through the website and find those Tweets that have the hashtag that matches your search keywords hashtag. If you’re a business however, then you will want to find out how to use these hashtags to your advantage. However, if you’re new to this then you may want to learn some basics from dropship consultants.

What You Should Do

Use these hashtags to keep track of on topic communities. You can find conversations going on throughout the specific groups. You can not only keep up with the feeds, but you can use them to your advantage at the same time.

You can also use these hashtags to join in on a cause. When your customers and followers see that you actively participate in causes for the better, they too will join the cause and feel compelled by you.

Using these hashtags can encourage participation in a certain topic. You can then create a long line of viewers that can take advantage of the Tweet that you made. The dropship consultants can tell you more about advertising through this.

You can run contests and giveaway and promotions by using hashtags. You can see who is participating, and who is not by using these hashtags, while gaining exposure.

What You Shouldn’t Do

You shouldn’t put a hashtag in between each and every word that you Tweet. One hashtag, or even two is enough to get your point across and get the search and exposure that you need.

Try to be short and concise. You can get your point across in minimal words. People do not want to read a three sentence long hashtag. However, using abbreviations that no one knows what they mean is also going to be a problem.

The dropship consultants can walk you through the perfect and not so perfect examples of hashtags out there.

Gain Exposure

When you want to gain more exposure for your business, this is why using hashtags correctly on Twitter is extremely important. No one is going to know who you are, or what you do if they do not see your online presence. By using Twitter, and making use of the dropship consultants, you may find that gaining exposure is easier than it might seem. By using these hashtags, you can ultimately receive a greater audience, tell them about sales, specials and promotions, while also being able to create relationships with potential customers. This can build any business in a matter of days. You can start a new trend across Twitter, and have all of your followers sign up and follow. Most of all, you can have fun when using Twitter for business purposes. Fun at work is possible, and in order to get started speak to a consultant about opening up a Twitter account.


You can learn more about using hashtags here.

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SEO For Your Dropshipping Business – Doing it Right

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SEO For Your Dropshipping Business – Doing it Right

Search Engine Optimization. These are three little words that strike fear into the minds of many business owners. SEO is the ticket to success – if done correctly. There are hundreds of “experts” when it comes to SEO and many costly options for gaining web traffic. Recent years have shown us that in order to be safe from future Google updates, you need to do SEO right, the first time around.

What do we mean by doing it right?

There are these programs out there that “teach” you to post on Facebook and Twitter anywhere from 20-30 times per day. These programs teach you to write quick comments or use comment posting services to publish comments on thousands of blogs each day to increase backlinks. And there are internet marketers who slaved away for months on end several years ago spamming the internet and have since been able to maintain high website rankings and sales. But these methods are quickly being vetoed by the internet rulers.

Google uses an algorithm to determine the worth of websites. The Google “spider” as it is called, scans the internet and checks each site for keywords, quality content, backlinks and more. The algorithm is constantly changing and is designed to knock out websites which are considered spammy. So what are the factors that list your site as spam?

  1. Being connected to a site that is already deemed spam. For example, Empower Network is an internet marketing training program which claims to help businesses make upwards of $5,000+ within the first 30 days if you do exactly what they tell you to do. The problem is that thousands of online forms and sites have blocked any posts that have to do with or are linked to Empower Network because of their spam-like procedures. This includes Facebook, many solo ads companies and much more.
  2. Poor layout and design. A poorly designed website will get you landed on the Google spam list as well. Your site should represent your business. There are thousands of free templates and free site building programs that are easy to use. There is no reason why your site shouldn’t look top-notch and represent your business accordingly.
  3. 3.      Low-quality content. Every post you make on your site should be 350 words or more for blogging. If you have information pages only, they also need to be 350 words or more. The content on your site should be fresh and new all the time, not repetitive. Be informative and stay on topic, do not be vague and all over the place. These may seem like no-brainers, but there are many site owners who get caught up in increasing their web traffic that they fail at actually growing their business properly.
  4. 4.      Too many backlinks. For years we have been told that backlinks are the key to increasing your website rankings, but now Google is saying there can be something such as “too many backlinks”. What this means is not that you have too many links, per say, but that too many of your links are bad links. They are spammy links connected to sites with no real purpose. Beware of using automated comment programs.

What this means for your business is that you need to focus on building your business right the first time. If you take the time to write quality content, index the appropriate keywords, make comments on blogs that you actually read, ect then you will be safe and secure from future Google algorithm updates.

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The Importance of Selecting the Right Drop Shipper

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Selecting a drop shipper for your business is a lot like picking out a wedding ring. You want a company that is committed to you and serving your customers, has a reputation for quality and is with you for the long haul. Most importantly, you want to know that you are choosing a real company and not being ripped off. Companies that offer drop shipping exist all over the world, but finding your perfect match will take some time. Here are few things you should consider:

  1. Shipping prices – Before you even consider contacting a company regarding using them as a drop shipper you should check out their shipping prices. If you plan to sell a lot of merchandise in other countries, you may find that the shipping is too costly for you to make a fair profit. At the same time, some methods of shipping are more affordable than others. Every drop shipper has a page devoted to shipping where you can price the drop ship fees per order and compare them to other companies.
  2. Reviews – Unfortunately there are companies that are only interested in scamming innocent business owners on the internet. Be sure to perform detailed research to determine if a business is legit. If they have any type of identifying logo such as a Better Business Bureau symbol, double check with that affiliation to make sure they are a member and learn more about the company. Don’t stop at the first review you find, check out several sites and look for real reviews from actual customers. If you are unable to find an authentic positive review, it is likely that the company is a scam or too new for reviews and should be avoided.
  3. Scope out their sign-on process – An authentic drop shipper will be free. Any website that wants to charge you any type of fee upfront is not legitimate and should be avoided. When you sign up, it should be more than just filling out your information and having access to the site. In fact, you should need to provide identification, proof of business ownership and even have a domain name purchased. All of this information is used to verify that you are a real person with a real business.
  4. Support – Live customer service, a user forum and a regularly updated blog/email news letter are a few signs of a company that is committed to its business owners. Look for these features with every drops shipper you preview. The peace of mind you will have by choosing a drop shipper that is there for you when you need them is more important than anything else.

You can learn more about getting started with drop shipping and check out a complete list of the best drop shipping companies in our exclusive eBook “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Drop Shipping”.

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What Can Dropshipping do For You?

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Not sure if drop shipping is the right kind of business for you? Let’s talk about the benefits it brings

Simplicity: The most time consuming process of any business is meeting with manufacturers, selecting products and putting them up for sale. Drop shippers offer products from dozens of manufacturers all in one place. As a business owner, you can quickly download data feeds from the drop shipper and upload them to your website complete with images, descriptions, SKUs, wholesale price and retail price. When visitors purchase items from your website, it is one simple process to upload the order to the drop shipper and have it sent right to the customer.

Saves Time and Money: When you are selecting products from different manufacturers, you have to upload those products individually to your website and then upload to the manufacturer after an order is placed. Going through multiple manufacturers costs more money for shipping and takes up substantially more time. A drop shipper streamlines the process into less than one-hour with the right programs to automatically upload orders in bulk.

Higher Profits: On average, products you sell through a drop shipper can be marked up 100%. This means that 50% of the selling price is going to be profit in your pocket – instantly. When compared to other programs such as affiliate marketing or direct selling, you are making more money. These programs often have commissions of 15% to 30% on tangible goods and payments are only made once per month if you have reached a specific payout amount such as $200.

True Business Ownership: If you are truly interested in owning your own business, then dropshipping is the right choice for you. Through this option you are able to build an ecommerce business and promote it as you see fit. You can choose the products that you want, the sales you want to have and much more. Dropshipping is the best way to experience true business ownership without all of the overhead. Because your business operates online and the dropshipper supplies pictures and product info, you do not need to spend money storing products, setting up a store or even hiring employees.

Tax Credits: The biggest benefit of owning a business online that you operate from your home is the tax credits. When your home is your office you are able to deduct a percentage of your utilities, cable/internet, rent/mortgage, cell phone bill and more. There are literally hundreds of potential deductions that you can choose from.

Financial Freedom: Owning a business opens up a world of opportunity for your future. Most people choose to start an online business for some extra cash to supplement their current income. However, with continued work, your business has the potential to grow to the point that it generates income to replace your full time income and then some. The financial freedom you can achieve from a dropshipping business will secure your future despite what the economy is doing. Best of all, over 80% of consumers shop online and the numbers are growing daily.

If you’ve got more questions about dropshipping, starting your own business or understanding where to start, feel free to contact us.

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Is Blogging Necessary for Your Business?

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Is Blogging Necessary for Your Business?

Many online business owners wonder if blogging is truly essential to growing and maintaining their drop shipping business. Whether you think you are a bad writer or do not have the time to write, it is beneficial to host a blog that relates to your website niche. A blog is more than a series of articles posted on a website. It becomes a source of information for visitors. The more blog followers you have, the more likely consumers are to purchase your products. By reading posts on a weekly basis that relate to your products, consumers are able to see that your business is a trust worthy source.


The world of online shopping is highly competitive. Unless you are selling products that have just been invented, you are going to have dozens of other competitors fighting for your business. The growth of online shopping has led to consumers looking for that personal connection they used to get from shopping at local shops. Social media and blogging allows business owners to make that connection without actually investing time or money into building real-life relationships. Think about a blog like your favorite television show. Every week you tune in to see what is going to happen next. You are invested in the characters and what they bring to the story. You are invested in the mysteries they solve and become emotionally attached to everything about them. The same is true with a blog.


Blogging allows business owners to connect with their customers. By tying in information along with tidbits about yourself to make it personal, you are able to build a connection with your readers. Each week they will “tune in” to see what you have to offer. The best part about blogging is that it is forgiving. You do not need to be a first class writer and you do not need to be creative. Speak about what you know and what is relevant to your products. For example, if your drop shipping website sells automotive parts, you can talk about cars, parts performance, your own personal automotive projects and anything else that fits the bill. While your followers may not read every post, they will know that it is possible to find that information at any time by searching your blog.


One of the biggest mistakes of business owners is posting random “nothings” on their social media pages. Fun facts and quotes become irritating and fill up news feeds quickly for your followers. A blog post gives you something to broadcast out to them. Paired with weekly sales blurbs and the occasional video, you can reach more customers in a non-threatening manner to ultimately build your customer base. The bigger your customer base, the faster it will grow and the more money you will make.


Keep your blogs unique in topic and in your own voice. If you do not have time or skill to write, consider hiring a freelance company to do it for you. Include pictures and keywords to help increase traffic to your blog and make it easier for readers to find you.

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