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Using Hashtags Correctly on Twitter

Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in featured, The Drop Shipping Blog | 0 comments

Using Hashtags Correctly on Twitter

Hashtags are just keywords that are followed by a hash (#) symbol that allows the keywords to be searchable and linkable through the social media tool Twitter. If you wanted to find something on Twitter under a certain subject, you can search through the website and find those Tweets that have the hashtag that matches your search keywords hashtag. If you’re a business however, then you will want to find out how to use these hashtags to your advantage. However, if you’re new to this then you may want to learn some basics from dropship consultants.

What You Should Do

Use these hashtags to keep track of on topic communities. You can find conversations going on throughout the specific groups. You can not only keep up with the feeds, but you can use them to your advantage at the same time.

You can also use these hashtags to join in on a cause. When your customers and followers see that you actively participate in causes for the better, they too will join the cause and feel compelled by you.

Using these hashtags can encourage participation in a certain topic. You can then create a long line of viewers that can take advantage of the Tweet that you made. The dropship consultants can tell you more about advertising through this.

You can run contests and giveaway and promotions by using hashtags. You can see who is participating, and who is not by using these hashtags, while gaining exposure.

What You Shouldn’t Do

You shouldn’t put a hashtag in between each and every word that you Tweet. One hashtag, or even two is enough to get your point across and get the search and exposure that you need.

Try to be short and concise. You can get your point across in minimal words. People do not want to read a three sentence long hashtag. However, using abbreviations that no one knows what they mean is also going to be a problem.

The dropship consultants can walk you through the perfect and not so perfect examples of hashtags out there.

Gain Exposure

When you want to gain more exposure for your business, this is why using hashtags correctly on Twitter is extremely important. No one is going to know who you are, or what you do if they do not see your online presence. By using Twitter, and making use of the dropship consultants, you may find that gaining exposure is easier than it might seem. By using these hashtags, you can ultimately receive a greater audience, tell them about sales, specials and promotions, while also being able to create relationships with potential customers. This can build any business in a matter of days. You can start a new trend across Twitter, and have all of your followers sign up and follow. Most of all, you can have fun when using Twitter for business purposes. Fun at work is possible, and in order to get started speak to a consultant about opening up a Twitter account.


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